Here at O'Doughs we're baking to make a difference. O'Doughs' family of healthful, high quality, soft, gluten-free products began because we know that the health and well being of your family is as important to you as ours is to us. We also know that although everyone loves baked goods, not all baked goods are good for us.
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We had one of the girls' Birthdays at the store today and used your O'Doughs Chocolate cake! What a HIT! They were so tasty...!

Lisa Citron: I just purchased your gluten-free bread for the first time. I cannot get over how good your bread is. I have been searching for a gluten-free bread for years. Every time I would see a gluten-free product that I hadn't yet tried, I would buy it in anticipation that this would be the bread that tastes like bread! Every time I would be disappointed. They were either soggy, or hard, or would fall apart and never tasted good. I lived without bread for years. But your gluten free bread is soft and delicious and the texture is just right. Thank you so much! I never write to companies, but I am so happy about your product. I can make sandwiches again!! Gluten-free in Toronto.

My name is Louise Proulx and I live in Bracebridge. I had the pleasure of trying your GF Bread Products and that's the only kind I want now! Very impressed! The biggest factor is that you don't have to toast and it actually doesn't fall apart. It is also very tasty. You can't tell it's GF. Thank you, Louise Proulx Bracebridge, ON

Madisyn Keri LeBreton - This morning, I had the magnificent experience of devouring one of your wild blueberry muffins... The soft, moist and spongy texture is something I have no had in YEARS! Not to mention the incredible flavor. You have BY FAR the best gluten-free products on the market. Thank you so much!

"Bagel Thins are seriously amazing!!!! They're actually fluffy, I buy multiple bags twice a week. Yum!"
Brooklyn Burton

Laurie Campbell - delicious 100 calorie Bagel Thins

Audrey Van Duzen Lounsbury - Just tried the hot dog buns for the first time. WOW!
Amazing! So happy you guys are around to make food taste like food! Thank You!

Sean Brady: My Christmas Day breakfast: an O'Doughs: Too good to be Gluten Free Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin. Holy crap it was amazing.

Mike Farrell: Where have you guys been hiding for the last 6 years? We have been searching the planet - even couriering in at great cost - gluten free products for our 8 year old diabetic/celiac daughter since her 2002 diagnosis. Nothing, absolutely nothing we found was suitable - until last week when I discovered your products. The whole family prefers your gluten free breads to regular breads, it is changing our daughter's life, Celica's Disease (as does diabetes) has so many social implications, for the first time our daughter can eat a sandwich she not just enjoys but loves. To add to the convince you guys are one of the few gluten free bread suppliers who include nutritional information on your packages so we can properly manage our daughters diabetes. You have made us all so happy!!! This is selfish on my part, but I need, my daughter needs, our family needs your business to continue its successes. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Kathryn McCartney: Holy smokes!!! Perfect slogan!!! This is THE BEST Gluten Free bread I have had!!!

Judy: Hello bakers at O'Doughs! You need an award for the formula for rice bread you have come up with. It would take a genius or a miracle to make rice bread taste like anything other than cardboard or bricks. I decided to try your bread merely by its great look, and by sheer accident. I actually ate a sandwich untoasted on my way home from work. Every bite was heavenly. I couldn't believe it. The taste & texture was beyond belief and it didn't even fall apart. Truly, this line of products needs to receive a Nobel Prize! With a slice of bread, you have made my eating experience a memorable one. I am glad I have lived long enough to again enjoy a truly marvellous loaf of bread. Bravo and many thanks!

JL Dunford - We LOVE the bagel thins. To the two teen boys, the 100 calories is unimportant - they eat them in twos. I split them and toast them.

Debbie: Thanks for making your wonderful products ...Celica's are always thrilled to find good-tasting products!!

"These buns are fantastic. We will start to use them for any special dietary guests." Chef Greg Webster, Horseshoe Resort

Melanie Wheeler: Just started to go Gluten Free. I was so happy to find some of your products.

O'Doughs is getting much closer to making frozen GF Bread taste like homemade. To our pleasant surprise it actually tastes better than every other frozen GF Bread we've tried. It's lighter, moister, less crumbly and all around tastier than the others. Good Job O'Doughs, you're making great strides in the GF bread world and we appreciate it.